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Celtic Art by PJ Morton

Celtic Art, where does it come from and what inspires it?


PJ married a second generation Canadian whose family also hailed from Scotland and she now lives in Southern Ontario with her husband Bob, their Scottie dog and a Retired Racing Greyhound. 

~~PJ Morton was born in the northern highlands of Scotland in the county of Caithness. The Highlands really is the Scotland of your imagination, a beautiful and inspiring region of ancient landscapes with a fascinating history.  It is to this day a region fiercely proud of it's Clans and highland people, the warrior poets that might have a regular 9-5 job, but in their veins flows the blood of the Celts.  Her mother’s people were Gaelic speakers and highlanders, simple folk, crofters and carpenters, fishermen and poets.   While her father’s family were from the Peterhead and Aberdeenshire area, many gentlemen farmers and businessmen in the bunch.  "Ah, you should have heard my Granny Watson talk at the dinner table!  It was the thing of wonder!", PJ recalls. To the untutored ear, theAberdeen accent can be a thing of wonder: the vowels pitch and turn this way and that before changing their colours entirely. To describe it merely as a dialect seems somehow to render an injustice to it.  


As a youngster she was always artistic and started oil painting at about age 11 or 12. Within a few short years she was doing commissioned animal portraits. Animals have always been a major passion for PJ She trained and worked for many years as a veterinary technician, working in rural Canada in a mostly large animal practise, and also in a major S.P.C.A., and then helping out the Department of Natural Recourses in rearing orphaned and injured wildlife. She also showed dogs in both obedience and conformation over the years. Has owned and trained many horses, both for pleasure riding and draft horses which also became a passion. Through the years she continued to draw and paint and her art began to transform and Celtic motifs became the prominent focus. Her work has always been admired and sought after, and can be found in North America and Overseas from the United Kingdom to Australia and many places in between.  

What makes Celtic Art, or an Artist Celtic?