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Celtic Art by PJ Morton

Celtic Artwork is signed with a nod to the past and the Celtic Images of family a constant inspiration.

Celtic Images that

make a Signature...

All original artwork is signed with P.J.M.  And limited edition prints are all hand signed with the name P.J. Morton as well.   “I guess I sign the initials P.J.M. because when I sit and paint scenes from Scotland or Celtic Knotwork or other Celtic images I feel the generations of highlanders who have gone before me; those in my family who have made me what I am today, those dear souls who paved the way.  All the Macintosh’s and Mackay’s whose blood flows in my veins.  There are so many other good Scots names that are my family, the Watson’s, the Bannerman’s the Forbes’ and of course there is the name I married into the Morton’s and the MacKenzie’s that are now my family too.  When I draw and paint I guess I believe it is a wee bit of them that goes into the creating.  My granny was a MacKay, she was fiercely proud of being a MacKay. Clan meant something to her!  To her there was only one clan, and one name, and she would always tell me I was more MacKay than anything else, and never forget it.  (My grandfather’s mother was a MacKay too, so she was quite right that MacKay blood hold the lions share in my veins).  I can never work on a painting without thinking of her, I hear her speaking to me in Gaelic, or the sound of her lips smacking when she would take a sip of a good Scotch Whiskey and utter almost under her breath... “Aye that is good!”     

​Nothing I create is made in a vacuum, so many have influenced the journey I am on.  The land of my birth, the great family of Celts that I come from, and the beauty of the life I now share with my husband and family here in Canada; all these things nurture the creative process and inspire my work.  The “M” in my signature is for all of them, those unseen dearly departed who inspire my hand; be they a Macintosh, a MacKay or MacKenzie or other;  the M is a mark I leave for them.  The “M” is a mark for the Memory of ancestors and family.